Swann – a father reports: a very special and positive experience

My wife opted for a home birth for our first child, with Saskia as midwife.
Saskia met with us before the birth, spoke fluent English, and really took time to explain how everything will work.
On the day my wife had contractions, her mother and I prepared a space in our living room with a mattress on the floor.
My wife did most of the first part on her own, keeping in touch with Saskia via WhatsApp.
After about 18 hours, the contractions had become more regular and intense, and we called Saskia to come.
From that point on, the birth was very challenging for my wife. However, at home, we had a great sense of intimacy and space for my wife to do things as she wanted. Saskia was
very professional and helpful the whole time, and we felt that we were in good hands.

My wife's mother and I were able to support during birth in ways that made the experience very special and positive, despite the struggles of delivery.
When the baby finally came, I was able to hold her head as she came out, her eyes already wide open, and I cut the umbilical cord.
Our baby remained with us right after birth onwards. We were already home, a family, and were able to get some rest.

Many husbands are concerned about home births. I would say that if your wife wants to give birth at home then you should support her in this!
For us it was a very intense, emotional yet positive experience which I feel strengthened us as a family.

Swann, 25.05.2019 um 05.08Uhr, 3340gr, in Tübingen